In 01966 Louis Guillaume Le Roy (01924 - 02012) of the municipality of Heerenveen was commissioned to set up a kilometer long and 20 meter wide strip of public space. This was  the start of the first ecocathedral, which Le Roy later realized on a piece of land in Mildam, with thousands of cargo vowels, pavement tires, tiles and residual waste from streetmakers. And the work continues until the present day. And so forth, and so forth, and so forth.

"An ecocathedral is an area where human, plant and animal work together in an equivalent way, without prior plan and free energy. It is a place where nature and culture come together. The Foundation TIJD advocates landing in every place of any planology and giving it the destination "Ecocathedral process" as the land in Mildam has. We call this a symbiotic double city. An ecocathedral process has been started in the Le Roy Garden in Heerenveen since 1966, and in the Groningen district of Lewenborg, a Le Roy area is being developed around the same time."

Read the article "Time based architecture: building with TIME" by Piet Vollaard

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Stichting TIJD
Phone: 06-24573020

Mailing or calling is fun, meeting us is more fun! On Wednesday mornings there are volunteers at work in the ecocathedral at the Pres. Kennedylaan and Europalaan in Heerenveen. On Tuesday afternoon there are volunteers at work in the ecocathedral in Mildam. You are more then welcome to meet us!



Visiting the ecocathedrals

The Ecocathedral in Mildam and the Le Roy garden in Heerenveen are both open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
If you would like a guided tour, please send us an email:



The TIME Foundation and #LF2018

Stichting TIJD Ecokathedraal LF2018
TIME Foundation / Ecocathedral and #LF2018

The TIME Foundation /  Stichting TIJD organized  the following events in 2018 when Leeuwarden and Fryslân were Cultural Capital of Europe:

  • 9 workshops "Building ecocathedrals" in Heerenveen and Mildam
  • A TIME- symposium on 31. october 2018
  • The Le Roy open-air theater is open for all kinds of people who are looking for a stage to show there talent.